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Evaluation and QC

HPLC measurement : Always the results communicate with R&D and production people.

We see "Things unsaeen "

At SFC, “ACE” is a center for analysis, control, and evaluation. Its missions are to ensure that the quality is superb and solid in its stability in conjunction with R&D and production people through its in-depth understanding about the intricacies known only to the quality of our products.

By having this experience in communicating with correlated functions, the results of ACE are creditable and diversified to give more confidence to consumers.  It is certain that the importance of ACE becomes emphasized along with increased customers’ need as it pertains to the stability of the product.

Control of the quality and specifications of raw materials --- Prepare certificate of analysis of intermediates ---- ACE’s responsibilities  ---- Monitor and the quality control of the final products ---- Test and perform evaluation to customer specifications

ACE backed by the facilities, professionals, and systems

ACE = Facilities,Professionals, Systems

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