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Contrary to conventional ideas relying only on capacity and process optimization, our production of OLED requires the same long-term accumulated chemical process technologies, as well as chemistry-based knowledge in optimization of various parameters and their inter-correlation to ensure stable and reliable quality.

At SFC, our production missions are about

01. Keeping world-class competitiveness in quality

02. Striving to maximize productivity

03. Developing state-of-the-art process technologies

  • Synthesis
  • Purification

In a sophisticated purifying unit with controlled temperature gradient under a high vacuuming condition, OLED-grade high purity material can be obtained at a specific region (“collect zone”).  Sublimation process is based on a simple physical principle but it is known as an effective way of removing impurities that cannot easily be removed by conventional methods such as column separation or re-crystallization.  The conditions and instrumental settings may vary depending on each material property, process-ability, and productivity.

(A) Close view of a mass-scale sublimator, (B) OLED materials (powder) encapsulated in glass tubes

STEP1-Cleaning and pre-treatment of the consumables and tubing --> STEP2-Loading of a crude material into the loading zone --> STEP3-Vacuuming of the unit (<10-3torr) --> STEP4-Sublimation with or without a carrier gas--> STEP5- Cooling down and breaking the vacuum --> STEP6- Collect the product from the collect zone

Simple setup of a sublimator