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Contrary to conventional ideas relying only on capacity and process optimization, our production of OLED requires  long-term accumulated chemical process technologies, as well as chemistry-based knowledge in optimization of various parameters and their inter-correlation to ensure stable and reliable quality.

At SFC, our production missions are about

01. Keeping world-class competitiveness in quality

02. Striving to maximize productivity

03. Developing state-of-the-art process technologies

  • Synthesis
  • Purification
(A) Mass-scale synthesis needs different technologies from R&D processes, (B) Fluorescence in a rotary evaporator

SFC has been operating a series of mass-scale reactors equipped with diversified functions and safety to handle a wide range of reactions requiring extreme conditions such as high temperature and pressure.

Our production people are proving to do their best to produce “the best product with the most efficiency” by using our process developments, which makes SFC’s production a core for competitiveness.

Mass-scale synthesis at SFC