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Device engineering

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Device engineering became a substantial part of development for a new product because of the strong dependency of the performance on each device’s architecture. The origin for this dependency can be described as follows:

  • 01. Device performance is a result of various materials functions in a multi-layered device. - Therefore, the maximum performance comes from the balance, rather than from a single material, between holes and electrons moving toward the emitting layer from both electrodes through HTM (Hole Transport Material) and ETM (Electron Transport Material).
  • 02. In particular, there are more complex mechanisms in hybrid devices adopting both phosphorescent and fluorescent materials.
  • 03. There are many specific requirements and standards related to the market’s performance which needs a systematic review of the device structure.

At SFC, a device solution team is dedicated to find the best combination of materials by factoring simulation, performance measurement, and proven analysis.

Device engineering in OLED