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SFC has been working on key OLED materials for more than 10 years.

The R&D people have the responsibility of developing de-facto standard materials requested by the lighting industry as well as displays.  We are reinforcing R&D capability to lead the technical moves, fluorescence to phosphorescence, deposition to solution process, small to large-sized, and display to advance display and lighting. At SFC, all the functions are intimately connected to one another to reach the final success of commercialization. SFC is also collaborating with major players through evaluation in order to include customer specific requirements which are subject to each devices system, e.g. structure, material, facility, and others.

01.Fluorescent and phosphorescent emitting materials , 02.Solution process-able small moleculeemitting materials, 03.Device engineering and evaluation techniques

we manipulate the light with quality materials

  • molecular simulation
  • synthesis
  • column separation
  • concentration

Development procedure of OLED materials