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Market General

There are overwhelmed optimistic views and comments on OLED industry and its commercial success more than ever.

Even though it is partially stimulated by the huge success of Samsung Mobile Display in the field of small-sized displays, used in smart phones , it is considered generally accepted and in gear for high growth already shifting from the academy to industry since 2009, in an irreversible way. Accordingly, the market confidence that OLED can open up a new chapter in TV displays and lighting applications is strengthening more and more.

The technical advances and the explosive market expansion support that there is a trend that many of the technical pre-requisites for the market success and has rapidly converged to an economic factor over price competitiveness.  With this conclusion, it seems to be inevitable because OLED products should eventually compete with the best of conventional LCDs and lightings, even though OLEDs can offer greater performance advantages.

There are many forecasts and expectations on how OLEDs and the market will develop in the near future.  Simply to focus on technology itself, solution process and LITI (Laser Induced Thermal Imaging) in the short-term are considered to be promising successors of the current vacuum deposition method.  In general, it is recognized that solution processes such as ink-jet and nozzle printing have a lot of potential to make large-sized products with cost-effectiveness, and that some of the technical issues can be solved in the near future, as well.

It is expected that the market will experience a mixed transition for the next few years during which various technologies will coexist.  Fig* shows a forecast about how some key measures will be developed for the next 4 years.