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We, SFC Co., Ltd., hereby establishes this Charter of Ethics to carry out the social responsibilities and duties which fulfill a healthy corporate citizenship through fair and ethical management, abiding by sound customs founded by our society’s cultures and laws.

ONEAll SFC employees shall recognize that ethical management is the key source of corporate core competence and follow the company rules, laws, and regulations.

ONEAll SFC employees shall not enforce undue pressure, requests, high-pressure sales, conditions, and so on that are contrary to the society’s common sense and related laws, in doing business transactions with the suppliers and subcontractors, and shall provide them with equal opportunities.

ONEAll SFC employees shall sternly refuse entertain, bribes, and so on that are against self-regulating market principle.

ONEAll SFC employees shall not commit any acts that are contrary to the interest and value of the employees, shareholders, regional communities, nation, through transparent management and by providing accurate information.

ONESFC shall recognize all the employees’ rights and dignity and shall not discriminate them based on regionalism, school relations, kinship, gender, nationality, religion, and any other relevant discriminations unacceptable to proper corporate operations

ONESFC supports a healthy environment naturally for our future generation, and all the SFC employees follow and conform to a fluent understanding of social equalities stemming from domestic and international laws and regulations

ONEWe are committed to minimizing the environmental effects throughout our organizations infrastructure processes. In order to facilitate this effect, SFC shall provide behavioral standards by establishing an ethical management policy and encompass it through concrete practices and educational training.