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"Even a small sprout is much heavier than a cutting-edge technology."

SFC’s cultural heritage considers that quality consists of the combination of 3 basic elements of material performance, environmental friendliness, and safety & health.

Environmental friendliness is the top priority in every step of the management. SFC believes that healthy environment and nature are the stage of life of our descendants, and established strict standards for controlling the company processes.

Based on the standards and audit system, SFC is striving to reduce environmental burden in every step from initial R&D, production to the final disposal process. SFC has the belief that safety & health of the employees and communities is another aspect of quality as well as basis for improving creativity and satisfaction. SFC has been devoting more and more resources to make a proactive healthier workplace.

All the SFC’s operations complies with the domestic and international laws and regulations including EU RoHS Directive, PFOS, REACH SVHC, Industrial Safety and Health Act, Toxic Chemicals Control Act, and other related laws. SFC will continuously strengthen its social responsibilities through the Eco-Culture Cycle.

The Eco-Culture Cycle