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  • Quality and Environment Management Policy
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SFC understands that quality and environmental friendliness are integral elements in corporate management, and sets up a management policy and control system meeting the requirements of ISO9001/ISO14001. SFC will make the best effort to carry out “environmental friendliness, high quality, and customer satisfaction”.

Keeping the policy in mind, all the employees agree that SFC is committed to satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers and interested parties. An assigned quality and environment management representative takes the responsibility for implementing both efficient processes and continuous improvements of the policy.

Quality and Environment Management Policy

  • 01.Company’s ability to maintain quality and environment management system effectively
  • 02.Continuous improvement of quality and environment
  • 03.Guarantee competitive edge by minimizing the disposal of environmentally hazardous substances
  • 04.Realization of reliable and eco-friendly quality
  • 05.Conform and follow the laws and regulations
  • 06.Transparent management

The Quality & Environment Management System