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2011~ Present

The 3rd phase was started in 2010 by making a strategic alliance with Hodogaya Chemical Company (“HCC”). This positioned us as a global leader by combining the strengths of companies, which led SFC Co., Ltd. to open a new R&D center in Ochang Foreign Investment Zone and another R&D facility in Giheung, Gyeonggi-do in 2011.

2011.12 - Established a R&D center in Ochang Foreign Investment Zone
2011.09 - Established a R&D facility in Giheung, Gyeonggi-do
  • 2011.08 - Renovation of the factory I
  • 2010.06 - Partnered with Hodogaya Chemical Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • 2010.04 - Development of world-class fluorescent green GH03x and GD1xx


In 2006, the company’s name was changed to SFC Co., Ltd. and reshaped its technology strategy and customer-oriented policy by announcing a new corporate identity, “The CHAMELEON”, symbolizing “the will of taking technical initiative in response to an ever-changing environment”.

Since 2007, SFC objective has been to strengthen its collaborative networks in marketing, as well as technology. This has widened the business platform by making partnerships with globally-recognized Japanese, EU, and US companies.

While reinforcing R&D and production capabilities, Sun Fine Chem., Inc. successfully carried out some distinguished government funded projects, for instance, white light-emitting materials for OLED.

SFC has been carrying out another frontier national project aiming at solution process-able materials which is expected to be a driving engine for the next generation of OLEDs, in a consortium effort working towards cost-effectiveness on large-sized displays.

  • 2008.11 - Strategic business agreement with Universal Display Corporation
  • 2008.08 - Development of world-class blue and orange emitting materials  (BH11x, BD3xx,  NRD)
  • 2007.12 - Start of a R&D project to develop solution process-able emitting materials (Nat’l research funded)
  • 2007.10 - Participated in FPD International 2007 (Yokohama, Japan)
  • 2007.09 - R&D on white emitting material (Nat’l research funded)
  • 2007.03 - Development of world-class phosphorescent dopants RP411 and RP415
  • 2006.12 - Certificate issued as a part and material specialty company (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • 2006.05 - Development of red host PH01 and blue dopants BD0xx
  • 2006.04 - Development of CGM and CTM for OPC
  • 2006.03 - Company name changed to SFC Co., Ltd. New corporate identity, “The CHAMELEON” announced


In 1998, Sun Fine Chem., Inc. was established in Sihwa Industrial Park, Gyeonggi-do in Korea, aiming at quality chemicals for pharmaceutical industry and took the first steps towards becoming a fine chemicals company.

In October of 2001, Sun Fine Chem., Inc. moved its place of business to the current location in Ochang Techno Village, Chungbuk Province and stepped forward launching its 2nd take-off as a pioneer. With the evolution of display industry, the R&D was set in gear to initiate the development of OLED materials, and 2 years later successfully started commercial-scale production for the 1st time in Korea.

In 2005, Sun Fine Chem., Inc. developed its world-class blue-emitting proprietary products called SH1 and SD1, a set of host and dopant, emitting record-high efficiency deep blue (cd/A=8.9, CIE=0.13, 0.15). Subsequently, over the next 5 years Sun Fine Chem., Inc. has developed and commercialized more than 20 host and dopant materials in both fluorescence and phosphorescence.  During which time, the company became ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified to further strengthen its framework.

2005.12 - Development of world-class blue-emitting materials (SH1, SD1)
  • 2005.4 - ISO 9001:2000 and ISO14001 Certified
  • 2004.12 - R&D on IR Dyes for PDP filter
  • 2004.08 - Certificate for a Clean Place of Business (Ministry of Labor)
  • 2003.12 - Commercialization of OLED materials
  • 2003.12 - Development of optical recording materials
  • 2002.06 - Mass production of OLED materials
2001.10 - Moved to Ochang Techno Village in Chungbuk, Korea
  • 2001.01 - Initiation of R&D for OLED materials
  • 1998.07 - Sun Fine Chem., Inc. established in Sihwa Industrial Park, Gyeonggi-do