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SFC Co., Ltd. is a fine chemicals company targeting “value creation”, with focuses on R&D and production of high value-added products.

We have been reinforcing competitiveness in key materials for Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) which has emerged as the next generation engine in the fields of large-sized displays and lighting moving from small-sized applications.

Parallel to SFC’s challenges in competing for this up-and-coming industries growth, we have been developing the technology of the future based on the long-term accumulated knowledge and proprietary production technologies of fine chemicals for electronic applications.

More importantly, SFC strives to continue its pioneering history for “value creation” by enthusiastically sharing the spirit of individual advancement, technology, and achieving a sense of higher vocation as a major contributor.  It is our dream together with customers to succeed in the real “value” that SFC is destined to pursue.

We look forward to inspiring your dreams towards aiming high by keeping our visions alive.

SFC Co., Ltd.